I like to think that angels,
Are loved ones who’ve moved on,
It doesn’t say this in the Bible,
But, it doesn’t say I’m wrong.

For instance, there’s my grandparents,
Who went to heaven long ago,
But I can sense their presence,
As if they’re still with us below.

Sometimes when I am feeling blue,
And way down in the dumps,
I swear my grandma kisses me,
And she’s done this more than once.

I hear grandpa’s jolly laugh,
Time and time again,
And when I do, I chuckle, too,
I can’t help but join in.

So, I know that they are angels,
Who are here to keep us cheered,
And I find it very comforting,
To know that they are near.

And there are other family members,
Who have since moved on,
Aunts and uncles – cousins, too
Yet I know they’re still around.

I find myself quite frequently,
Talking to them all,
And it seems they all reply to me,
When they hear me call.

I, too, have been protected,
From death and tragedy,
And I know a family angel,
Was looking after me.

Our loved ones may pass on,
But they never really go,
We miss seeing, touching, feeling them,
Yet they’re still here, you know.

We can’t have a family gathering,
Without including them,
Angels don’t need invitations,
They’re always welcomed in.

And when the rest of us pass on,
And it’s our turn to bid goodbye,
God will host a family banquet,
At His palace in the sky.

We will have a blest reunion,
Like never held before,
With our precious angel family,
Who’ll be together ever more.

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