Like many spiritual people, I have seen these wonderful beings I work and call upon them often and you can too because they are here to help and guide you, once you call or communicate with them they will assist you usually by giving you thoughts or messages that resonate with you.

You can call them for all sorts of reasons but for today we will stick to the nature of why you are visiting this website.

Many people have said shortly before their deaths that they have experienced visions of angels appearing to help them make the transition to heaven.  A lot of doctors and nurses have witnessed angel visions, as well as seeing people that have not long left for the world talking to and interacting with invisible presences in or heavenly looking lights and even in some cases visible angels.

It’s common for angels to visit people who are preparing to die, while angels can and do help people when they die suddenly such as in a car accident or from a heart attack, they have more time to comfort and encourage people whose dying process is more prolonged, such as those that are terminally ill.

One of the questions that I often get asked is if a family member dies alone are they are ok or were they scared that no one was with them, if this has happened to someone you know then please rest assured that angels come to help anyone in who is near there time to ease their fear of death and help them work through issues to find peace, they beckon or command them to go with them, the person usually is happy and willing to go, especially if they believe in the afterlife.

Just before passing If the person has been in great pain or depressed, a complete change of mood is observed, and the pain vanishes and they literally seem to ‘light up’ with radiance.

The visions of angels are incredibly beautiful sometimes they can involve glimpses of heaven itself, with angels and the person's loved ones who have already passed away, reaching out to them.

Angels appear luminescent like nothing ever seen before they radiate warmth or security that draws people close to them along with the bright light also comes visions of beautiful gardens or open fields that adds to the sense of peace and comfort.

Most of the time, the angels whom our loved ones recognise when they visit are the angels who are closest to them their guardian angels the ones assigned to care for them throughout their earthly lives. Guardian angels are constantly present with people from their birth to their death, and people can communicate with them if they wish through meditation or they may meet them in dire circumstances if their lives are in danger.

Most people don't actually become aware of their angelic companions until they meet them during the dying process. Other angels especially an angel of death is often recognised in end of life visions, usually, these remain at a distance standing in the corner or behind the guardian angel. The angel of death is often described as dark, very quiet, and not in any way menacing, it is the responsibility of the angel of death to summon the departed spirit into the care of the guardian angel so the journey to the ‘other side’ can begin.

When deathbed visions of angels are complete, the dying people who see them are able to pass away with confidence, having made peace that the family and friends they leave behind will be okay without them. 

A brand new week, a bright new day,
may your Angels guide you every step of the way,
bring you love and happiness, keep your life calm,
and most of all protect you from harm.

A feather, a robin, a butterfly too,
are all signs your Agels are standing with you


If you’re ever alone and feeling blue,
just ask for your Angels to comfort you,
They’ll stay right by your side and stop you being scared,
simply call with your heart, and they will be there.”

Angels above you, Angels beside you,
have faith that they’re with you, to love you and guide you,
believe that they’ll show you the right way to be happy and peaceful, just trust them, you’ll see!”


I am a Spiritual Celebrant although I'm often called a Minister, I am creative, spiritual, fiery and passionate about what I do, many people over the years for various reasons have called me an earth angel.

It was in my late 30's that I decided that it was time to fully embrace my spiritual side, a gift that I had from a young child that has led me to over the years to meet and help many people, I now work happily alongside my spirit guides and angels.

Although I'm not religious, I always happy to incorporate any elements into my services that you may require or feel that your loved one would have liked.

All end of life ceremonies are very uplifting, heartfelt and personal, every ceremony is created with love and great care.