Most people don’t know what a celebrant is or that they have a choice of who takes their loved ones funeral service.

Before you take a look around my site let me explain briefly how the angels and I work together, a few days before I get the call asking me to take a service I see certain angel numbers usually on my phone 14.44 this is the angels letting me know that a family is going to need me soon, a day or so later a spirit will visit me sometimes even the night before I get the call or message asking me if I would take the service.

You may wonder why the spirit visit me, I like to think it’s because they have chosen me to take their service, but mostly I think it’s because I often act as the go between they know that I am able to interact with their close family members when putting their service together, this is a very distressing time for those left behind and many of you will be trying to decide what your loved one would like, remember that they still care and love you that doesn’t change they wouldn’t want to see you upset they just want to take some of that pain away, so this is where I come in your loved one may if they wish to come back and forth to help me by guiding me to the songs and poems that they like often right up until the day of the funeral.

It is a great honour for me I feel that I’m truly blessed to have been chosen by spirit or by a loving family to be part of their loved one's final farewell, whether you chose me or not please know that your loved ones are there on the day observing and listening to your readings and poems taking it all in how much they will be missed and loved, I know this because I see them before I start their service and during the time of the committal they stand beside me thank me before they go on their way.

Most of the families that have worked with me have usually already known how my services are put together and many say that they have found great comfort in the fact that their loved ones like me and that they are happy with the service that I have conducted for them.

My services are very uplifting and personal to the person that has passed, I’m guessing even if you don’t fully believe the spiritual side that you still believe in angels, you can still have a lovely uplifting heartfelt service for your loved one.

Often after I have conducted a service people come up to me and say I wish I knew about you when my mum or dad died they would have loved what you did today.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me please feel free to message me. I am happy to travel within the UK and abroad.


Hi Tracie


Due to the tragic loss of my daughter I wanted to arrange her funeral as I know she would have wanted it.  She had no religious faith but a belief in the more spiritual things of life.  She was young and still trying to find her way but held a strong feeling of intuition an an ability to draw people to her.  She always wanted to help everyone and we often discussed tarot cards, people with special abilities, fairies and magic.  Tracie had been a friend on Facebook for many years and I always read her comments and followed her life as you do with FB.  For some reason, she was the first person who came into my head and I did not really know if she would take the ceremony for a funeral.  So I just messaged her and the rest is history.


She was so lovely to speak to and caring I knew this had happened for a reason. We chatted regularly about what would be the best way to organise the event and the celebration of life ceremony.  I needed this to be lighthearted and fun because all the people, or most, were under 35 and I wanted them to be left with good happy memories of my lovely daughter.  Tracie took the ceremony and there were a lot of people.  I know it was hard work for her but she was unflappable, kept her cool and feedback from my family was wonderful, it was enjoyed by everyone.


Tracie has a wonderful calming persona that radiated throughout the funeral service and her soft caring voice really brought everyone together.  She made us laugh and she had everything under control in a quiet unassuming way.  She spoke to me during the events and was genuinely interested in the feelings of others.  She took some lovely photos for us to keep and then our tired Tracie made her way home. A lot of people came up to me during the after event and said 'Tracie is lovely where did you find her' or 'How lovely has Tracie been today you are so lucky to have found her'.  Well, I was and I will forever be grateful that such a lovely person came my way.


I cannot thank her enough, she helped me through the most difficult time I probably will ever face, the loss of a child.  I would never have coped without her being there for me and I hope now I have met with her this will be the start of a life long friendship.


All my love and thank you. Kate Biss  


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